The Bengal Shop Family

Bengals aren’t just a passion for us, they’re a lifestyle! Our family has been breeding TICA registered Bengals for 4 years with our cattery “Karma Bengals”. We have spared no expense researching and traveling the world to find our breeding candidates, ensuring our kittens are of the highest quality possible. We focus specifically on quality over quantity, ensuring that all of our cats and kittens get the freedom and attention they deserve.

This passion has expanded into what you see here, “The Bengal Shop”. We wanted to take our love for Bengals, and bring it to the world. We look forward to designing Bengal inspired products you’ll treasure.

Our Bengal Bosses

Our Family

The Italian stud

Eros was recruited in 2019 and relocated here from Italy. Eros specializes in opinions and courting the ladies at our “Karma Bengals” family cattery.

Our Family

The Québécois Queen

Karma, the namesake of our cattery, started it al. As our first Bengal, she has single-pawdidly helped are cattery become what it is today. An amazing, and patient, mother, she has raises the most beautiful and well-tempered kittens we’ve ever seen.

Our Family

The Spanish Princess

Joining our family in September 2021 from Spain, Nerea is the latest member of our “Karma Bengals” cattery. We’re super excited to see her first litter coming in Spring 2022.

Our Hoomans

Our Family

The Bengal Boss

Since her childhood, Jacynthe has had a love for Bengals. Having been a veterinary technician and working with actual Leopards at the zoo, she knows what it takes to ensure the success of our Karma Bengals cattery breeding program. Jacynthe lives and breathes Bengals!

Our Family

Nerd & Fixer of Stuff

When he’s not working on our website, designing products, social media or taking photos, Andrew makes sure everything the kittens (or kids) break, gets fixed (or hidden). He loves hanging on the couch covered in kittens. We keep him around for reaching anything that’s been put on the top shelf.

Our Family

Bengal Wrangler

Our amazing helper, Leyla is in charge of ensuring that all of our kittens are staying out of trouble and making sure everyone gets along. Leyla is pretty much the mini Bengal-boss of this entire operation… and she knows it!

Our Family

The Kitten Whisperer

You would expect kittens would be a little scared of a fast-moving, intense young boy – but it’s quite the opposite. Liam is always the first person our kittens seem to bond to – and he loves his role as the kitten whisperer.


Our Family

Emotional Support Puppy

Gizmo is amazing with kittens. She is always checking up on them, cuddling with them, and letting them practice their attack skills on her. Gizmo is a very attentive puppy who’s main goal in life is to ensure everyone in the house is happy. She’s always there to listen – even to kittens!

Our Family

Baby Bear
Resident Foster-Fail

Baby Bear is the gentlest soul, but he was never supposed to be part of our family. We fostered and raised a number of kittens, but when we met Baby Bear, we knew we could never let this super special guy go. His little chirps when touched will melt your heart.

Our Family

Unimpressed Lab

As the oldest animal in our family, Esla was the first, and still wishes she was the only. Gentle, but not a fan of conflict, Elsa is great at teaching our kittens the meaning of “personal bounds”. While she would never hurt a fly, she doesn’t put up with any BS – especially at nap time!

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